139-year-old Victorian house moved in San Francisco
House Lifting - Phil Joy House Moving & Leveling
House Lifting - Phil Joy House Moving & Leveling
House Lifting , House Raising
House Leveling

Houses and Heavy Structures

We move and raise houses, historical and heavy structures, over land, sea or in confined spaces.

Phil Joy has hands-on experience determine weight loads and proper rigging for safe transport of items, such as cranes, barges, hotels, bridges, statues and specializing in moving historical structures.

House Lifting , House Raising

House Lifting & Leveling

For more than 30 years, Phil Joy Housemoving and Leveling Company has been relocating odd shapes; Phil Joy has moved or raised over 3,000 houses and structures. Specializing in moving historical structures.

Heavy Hauling

Team of Qualified Professionals

Phil Joy House Moving and Leveling has a team of qualified professionals, and the track record of safe and successful projects that makes a good fit for your Heavy Hauling and Rigging needs.

We have the ability to improvise and create innovative ways necessary to accomplish the most challenging projects

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